0.5.0 release

This is maintenance release that’s been showcased in a game Cycle of Evil, check it out!

This release includes the following important changes:

  • keyword argument :MISSING-ERROR-P to unique indices allowing not to throw an error when entity is not found;
  • error messages for entity being not found in indices made clearer by mentioning component name;
  • ability to define and use components in different CL packages;
  • ability to delete previously registered system;
  • SYSTEM-EXISTS-P helper to check whether system exists by its name;
  • style warnings when component slot types would be boxed by CL implementation, hence incurring performance penalty;
  • a hook for entity deletion;
  • fixed subtle bug when entity with deleted component would be incorrectly processed by system when it shouldn’t;
  • the component data is now not lost upon component redefinition ✨

See changelog for a full list of changes.


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52 days ago

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