Added Windows, MacOS and Linux builds

The 0.1-6 version marks the setup of automated system (GitLab CIAppVeyor, if you're interested) that builds the Windows installer along with MacOS and Linux binaries of the game whenever I publish changes to the code. Now I can finally stop procrastinating and start fixing bugs and performance issues 😅

So this Saturday I'd be streaming a livecoding session where I'll be trying to fix some bugs, both on my Twitch and Youtube. Feel free to drop in and say Hi :)


Darkness_Looming_The_Dawn-0.1-6-setup.exe 26 MB
Version 0.1-6 May 07, 2020
Darkness_Looming_The_Dawn-0.1-6.dmg 29 MB
Version 0.1-6 May 07, 2020
Darkness_Looming_The_Dawn-0.1-6.AppImage 37 MB
Version 0.1-6 May 07, 2020

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