Main menu and credits

So the 0.1-14 release marks the addition of long awaited main menu and credits screen :) There’s some problem with MacOS build, I’m on it right now.

There’s also some little glitches with menu button sounds, but to fix those I’d have to delve into low-level engine internals, more on that on Saturday stream :)

P.S. Yay fixed MacOS build in 0.1-16. Hope it works - I don’t have a mac to test it. Feel free to download and check it out!


Darkness_Looming_The_Dawn-0.1-14-setup.exe 26 MB
Version 0.1-14 Jun 18, 2020
Darkness_Looming_The_Dawn-0.1-14.AppImage 37 MB
Version 0.1-14 Jun 18, 2020

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