A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

A rogue-like dungeon crawler with only one item you can carry at a time. The only one maze level along with monsters and items is generated randomly, so if you've lost, try restarting the game to get more luck :)


  • ? : help screen
  • arrows / wasd / hjkl : movement
  • o : open door
  • c : close door
  • g : get item from the ground
  • t / backspace : throw item away
  • e : equip item
  • u : unequip item
  • f : attack closest monster
  • . : wait

The game code is open-source, check it out if you're curious.


backpackless-0.3_all.deb 3.6 MB
backpackless-win32.zip 6.9 MB

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Would have been neat to know there's no items yet... lol I like the retro style though

Yeah, I gotta finish items for today.